Rheem Solar website

A modern house by the beach with a Rheem Solar hot water system affixed to the roof.

The ask

After the successful redesign of the rheem.com.au website, Rheem Australia engaged us to revamp their (dated) Solar website.

Our core KPI was to generate leads, to increase conversions. As this site doesn't provide an e-commerce experience, leads are generated directly through the use of the 'Request a quote' form and indirectly through phone calls. Secondarily, it was important to ensure a continuation of visual identity from the new Rheem core site whilst maintaining Rheem Solar's own brand presence.

Rheem Solar website homepage designs for desktop and mobile.

My role

For this project I began by auditing all of their existing content (from a variety of sources) to create an updated information architecture, which informed the content and layout of my wireframes and designs.

At the product category level, I created a system whereby a trio of icons would be displayed per product, in order for the user to quickly and effectively discern high-level differences in a way that was relevant to them (e.g. number of people, warranty, climate, frost protection, gas/electric booster...).

For this project I also managed other staff members in the creation of some preliminary wireframes.

Various product tile designs created for the Rheem Solar website.Some of the styles used in the designs of the Rheem Solar website.In-situ design of the Rheem Solar website 'help me decide' product finder tool.Product icons created for the Rheem Solar website.


  • UX, UI and visual design lead
  • Content audit
  • Competitor analysis
  • Information architecture
  • Wireframes
  • Web design
  • Website guidelines
  • Managing team members



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