Adidas Samba microsite

Adidas Samba campaign photo of Josh Dugan playing rugby league.

The ask

Adidas wanted to release some bold, colourful football boots alongside a competition to win tickets to the Soccer World Cup.

We enlisted famous local athletes of different football codes to create a series of content for the campaign and created a campaign microsite to house the competition.

Design of Adidas Samba football boots.

My role

I was in charge of designing the digital output of the campaign. I came up with the structure and all of the elements of this one-page scrolling microsite.

Adidas Samba campaign photo of Billy Slater.Adidas Samba microsite homepage displayed on an iMac.Adidas Samba campaign photo of Dale Thomas.Close-up of Adidas Samba competition form designs.Adidas Samba campaign photo of Archie Thompson.A section of the Adidas Samba competition form on an iPad.


  • UX
  • UI
  • Web design

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