CBHS website

A selection of webpage designs for the CBHS website, shown in various device sizes.

The ask

CBHS is a health fund for Commonwealth Bank workers and their families. They came to us needing a much-needed facelift.

Photograph of a woman jogging.

My role

I was given basic wireframes and was tasked with bringing this site to life. Through the use of large headings, bright colours, iconography and copious amounts of whitespace, I believe I successfully modernised the CBHS website and gave it a vibrant, confident personality.

The 'Help me find cover' desktop webpage for CBHS.CBHS website homepage designs for desktop and mobile.A snapshot of a CBHS webpage displayed on a mobile phone device.A selection of modules designed for the CBHS website.Some of the styles used in the design of the CBHS website.


  • UI and visual design lead
  • Web design



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