Bux mobile website

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The ask

Bux was a money trading application. They came to us with a problem – many of their users didn't feel confident trading money via a mobile app – which was a problem considering that it was the only way their users could do so.

User testing showed that there were little-to-no concerns performing these functions on a desktop or mobile website, so there was a clear need to diversify their offering onto a traditional web platform.

My role

My goal was to make it very simple to use, reduce the number of steps as much as possible and give the user trust in the product. I looked very closely at competitors and used techniques from many UX and psychological principles to create a simple but effective web-based tool that users could easily and confidently interact with.

We were able to increase consumer trust and conversions, and my principles were used to inform an updated app experience.

Wireframes showing a simplified transaction user flow.Simplified user flow of a Visa-based transaction. 2021 Portfolio Project Pages 2021 Portfolio Project Pages 100% 10 Z5  Sign up screen with password prompts. Sign up screen with password prompts. Z5 Sign up screen with password prompts. Z5      		  Sign up screen with password prompts.Animation of bux identity verification screen designs.Transaction receipt design.
Bux homepage designs for desktop and mobile.


  • UX, UI and visual design lead
  • Competitor analysis
  • Information architecture
  • Wireframes
  • Web design
  • Website guidelines



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