Western Sydney International Airport

Westen Sydney Airport microsite

An airplane flying in the clouds.

The ask

As Western Sydney Airport broke ground, we quickly crafted a glossy microsite/homepage to highlight key features of the project, while also working on a more verbose website behind the scenes.

My role

For Phase one of this project, Western Sydney Airport had a corporate website (WSACo) but wanted a more public-friendly offering to co-incide with breaking news headlines about the project.

After auditing the current site, we went to work on creating a visual-led homepage experience that told the story of an exciting new airport build that was under away for Western Sydney.

It was challenging trying to convey the story without divulging too much detail (as the project was in its infancy and risk adversity was key) as well as working with very limited visual resources. However, I'm happy with the output – I think we delivered a vibrant and modern visual experience. I also appreciate the inclusion of "hello" in multiple languages that we identified as being prolific in the Western Sydney area – including Dharug, a local Aboriginal dialect.

Wireframe of the Western Sydney Airport homepage.Various wireframes of the Western Sydney website.Architectual impression of the Western Sydney Airport site.Western Sydney Airport branding gradient pattern.Western Sydney Airport brand colours.


  • UX, UI and visual design lead
  • Content audit
  • Demographic research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Information architecture
  • Wireframes
  • Web design



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