A website that's Two Good

A group of women who are domestic violence survivors that cook for Two Good.

The ask

Two Good is an ever-changing and expanding social enterprise that aims to help victims of domestic violence.

The owners came to us in need for an updated website as they had not only expanded their reportoire from food into a variety of consumer goods, but also paired with Deliveroo to be able to deliver their jarred lunches throughout metropolitan Sydney and Melbourne.

My role

Two Good had a clean, modern logo and some great imagery to use. What they were missing, however, were brand elements like fonts and colours. I went to work creating a series of modern, food-based colour moodboards for the client to choose – from pastels to brights, to purples and greens. From there I offered a handful of font pairings to choose from based on their colour shortlist.

This was also a great opportunity for me to work on an eCommerce platform, and as a bonus, it was for a great cause. I studied successful online-based food and fashion ordering platforms to help inform the eCommerce platform. While the main focus was food/lunch ordering which were delivered via Deliveroo, I also had to consider the other arm of the business which was miscellaneous retail products that were delivered via AusPost, and convey that clearly to the customer.

In order to increase sales, we also integrated an office/business-based 'team lunch' platform. This allowed for a team leader admin to control the order date and delivery details, with team members creating and paying for their individual orders within the overarching account.

Two Good homepage designs for desktop and mobile.Light green moodboard and inital colour exploration for the Two Good website.In-situ design of the Two Good website 'good story' page.Pastel moodboard and inital colour exploration for the Two Good website.Wirerframe and design developement of the 'good people' chef page on the Two Good website.
Various email designs for Two Good.


  • UX, UI and visual design lead
  • Information architecture
  • Wireframes
  • Web design
  • Email design
  • eCommerce
  • Branding



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